1-year Cisolog

1 año de Cisolog

Today marks the first year of Cisolog. It is possible that the reader of this weblog has seen entries with dates prior to January 5, 2012, but these entries were of other previous platforms that I decided to include it here before its launch. Between these entries are some of the interviews that we conducted a group of students of political sciences and sociology of the UNED to different professionals and academic in the wake of the events of the 15M. But Cisolog was launched and made public on the 5th day of January, 2012, and the first original entries of this weblog were: What is sociology? and Where to study Sociology in Spain? that have been of the most-visited until now. Well it is true, that long before the 5 of January of last year, there was a hard work and intense to build and design this platform under the open-source code that provides WordPress, especially, because before it didn’t have any sort of knowledge on how to develop website or create a blog.

What I want to do first, after this first year, is to thank all those I animasteis and I apoyasteis in this project, and those of you who have worked with your texts. I thank all the readers that you have found here interesting things, and not only those who come to the circle concrete of sociology, also to other social disciplines, and which, not being of any social discipline in particular, I have approached with interest to read things that perhaps you have been attractive and useful. In the end, the main goal of this weblog is to bring together the sociological knowledge to the public; in other words, separate the distance between the circle of academic-professional sociology and the public in general; because the end of science sociology is not only to study society, but that, like all science, must have a practical purpose in the service of society, and in the case of the sociology, with the most commitment yet, you must make proposals to improve it.

Tends to be the custom in many blogs celebrate anniversaries exposing the statistics of the year. Although data are important, for me, not in this case. So far from any pretense cuantitativista at this weblog, I’ll stick with the qualitative experience gained in this first year. Thanks to Cisolog I have been able to get to know a lot more people who have a special interest in sociology, from teachers to colleagues from other faculties. I have to say that the best satisfactions of work invested here have been met, when someone commented with interest any input, either on the same weblog, or by private message. Another of the greatest joys that I took away was when I met the Spanish Federation of Sociology included Cisolog in the section blog of your portal. Also used some of the content of the weblog as an educational resource in the University teaching of Sociology, which is to be proud of the work here invested. These and many more I have been motivated to move forward not only with weblog, but also to continue to make progress in the way of sociological knowledge that with great enthusiasm I started and still maintain to this day.

As a note to emphasize that, in the experience of this first year, it is possible for you to continue in a more continuous Cisolog have seen that the volume and content of the entries has been followed by a progressive change from the beginning until today. Although, when I started, I thought I could concentrate the contents here of interest sociological that I was finding on the net, as I discover more nodes in the small network of content sociological it had at the beginning, it was expanding more and more, and with that, I realized that it was absurd to play everything I was finding here. If you are already in a website, to disseminate it, there are better tools. For this reason create Twitter profiles and Facebook of Cisolog. With time I realized that it would be more ideal, although it would reduce the volume of entries, create content more unique.

As you may have been able to observe, the majority of the last entries are reflections and small tests of mine whose purpose is to share the knowledge of your own ethos sociological’m assuming and remaining in a public way, and may be subjected to sound criticism, that is what it is all about the web 2.0. Also, how not, there are collaborations in its time, I found it interesting and decided to publish them with the same purpose. There are, therefore, as small tools to go assembling knowledge. And this is one of the reasons why I call Cisolog weblog rather than blog, because this last has always seemed to me to content more instant and ephemeral. Here, we try to classify the content, to the extent that you can, in own categories of the different branches of sociology and other disciplines with which it relates to and complements the study of the social reality. Also, we pay special attention to the key words of the contents of each entry in the form of labels. In this way, I think, the content of the information is more identifiable and easier to recover.

Once again, MANY THANKS TO ALL of you.


Ruben Crespo
January 5, 2013

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