An anthropologist at the geisha

Liza C. Dalby is an anthropologist who has conducted her thesis on the geishas at the university of Stanford. She has had the immense privilege of being able to observe the world of the geishas from the inside, since it has integrated the community of Pontocho in Japan for 14 months, in 1978, under the name Ichigiku. Invited to share in the life of the geishas, she delivers to us in his book, Geisha, published in 1983, a unique witness to the communities geisha. If the book departs from the canons of sociological research by the subjectivity of the lived experience in Japan, made permanently in the book which is written in the first person, even less that this book remains an important testimony to the life of the geishas. Among his other works, Liza Dalby offers with Kimono: Fashioning Culture, a study of the kimono in Japanese culture

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