Associations of Sociology

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World Association

  • ISA – World Association of Sociology

Regional associations of international character

  • ALAS – Latin american Association of Sociology
  • ESA – European Sociological Association

Associations Spanish

  • FES – Spanish Federation of Sociology
  • AAS – Andalusian Association of Sociology
  • AAS – Aragonese Association of Sociology
  • AAS – Association Asturian of Sociology
  • ACSM – Asociación Castellano Manchega of Sociology
  • ACS – Catalan Association of Sociology
  • AISO – Association of Ibero-american Sociology of the Organizations – UCM
  • ALAS – Latin american Association of Sociology
  • AMS – Madrid Association of Sociology
  • AMSE – Mediterranean Association of Sociology of Education
  • ASE – Association of Sociology of Education
  • AVS – Valencian Association of Sociology
  • AVSP – the Basque Association of Sociology and Political Science

Other Associations and institutions of interest to sociological

  • ACISE – Social Science Association of Extremadura
  • AEDEMO – Spanish Association of Market Studies, Marketing and Opinion
  • AICTS – International Association of Social Science and Social Work
  • AIMC – Association for the Research of Media
  • AMIE – As. Multidisciplinary of Educational Research
  • ANEIMO – National Association of Companies of Market Research and Public Opinion
  • Association of Psychological Studies and Social
  • ATTAC Spain
  • EDiSo – Association for Studies on Discourse and Society
  • RACMYP – Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences


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