Bar des sciences de Montbéliard

I was yesterday evening, 23 February, invited her to the bar des sciences de Montbéliard, organized by Pascal Rémond in the framework of the sciences building. Since march 2007, Pascal REMOND is scrambling to organize a “Bar of science”, public, original and varied.

The formula is agile and fun to share ! A big thank you to him for having me welcomed in the evening…

We were five guests around the theme of ” The underneath of the underneath… Evening silk and sociology of clothing…. “in the Bar of The Hotel Bristol, rue Velotte in Montbeliard.

– Farid CHENOUNE, associate of letters and historian of fashion, French Fashion Institute, Paris, author of ” the Underneath of femininity. A century of lingerie ” .

– Anne ZAZZO, chief Curator of the heritage, Galliéra, musée de la mode de la ville de Paris

– Florence BRACHET CHAMPSAUR, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Institut d’histoire du Temps Présent (CNRS), Responsible for the service Heritage & Historical Archives of the Galeries Lafayette Group

– Elodie NOWINSKI, a Historian of fashion, Maítre conference SciencesPo Paris.

– Frederique GIRAUD

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