What is an AIA Agreement?

What is an AIA Agreement? An AIA contract, which stands for American Institute of Architects contract, is designed to protect the interest of architects when hired to work on a construction project. What is Ejcdc? EJCDC stands for Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee. It is a coalition of stakeholders in the project delivery process who […]

Is Bugs Bunny a psychopath?

Is Bugs Bunny a psychopath? Bugs ? No way. Bugs Bunny is classic anti social personality disorder. It was Daphy duck and Elmer Fud AND Pepe Le Pew are narcissists with Elmer being Covert. Is Bugs Bunny a God? Bugs Bunny Is Actually A Trickster God Bugs may not actually be a bunny, but rather […]

What do you mean by cohabitation?

What do you mean by cohabitation? the act of living and having a sexual relationship with someone, especially someone you are not married to: Cohabitation has been praised as a test drive for marriage. Why do people cohabitate? Spending more time together and convenience were the most strongly endorsed reasons. The degree to which individuals […]

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