Childhood and cultures : acts of the symposium online

The proceedings of the International Conference “Enfance & Cultures : regards des sciences humaines et sociales” which took place last year in Paris on 15, 16 and 17 December 2010 are in line.

  • Childhood & Cultures : the encounter of two “small” scientific objects

    Sylvie OCTOBER, Régine SIROTA

Construction of the tastes

  • Cultures juveniles : diversity of references or conformism ?

    Sylvain AQUATIAS
  • Video games of the childhood : a plural culture

    Frédéric DAJEZ and Nathalie ROUCOUS
  • “Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight…” why series like these as teenagers?

    Pascale EZAN
  • Dietary practices adolescent girls. Situations, identifications and cultures

    Marie-Pierre JULIEN
  • “And yet it moves!”. The skateboard as a space of reproduction interpretative teens

    Salvatore LA MENDOLA and Davide STERCHELE
  • The “melting-pot” cultural adolescence : focus on food

    Aurélie MAURICE
  • Mozart, Lorie, Metallica and other… : between classical, pop and rock, the hybrid culture of the apprentice(s)musician(do)s (6-17 years)

    Catherine MONNOT
  • The Cultural Consumption and Practices of Young People in Catalonia. A first approximation by way of the Survey of the Cultural Consumption and Practices of Children 2007-2008


Culture youth culture school

  • Activities elective and formation of the self

    Anne BARRERE
  • The delicate articulation of cultures in school and young. The uses of Twilight a couple of teachers of a high school PTA

    Eric DAGIRAL and Laurent TESSIER
  • Aestheticization of popular, popularization of the scientist : the strategies of using culture to juvenile in the course of music education at the college

    Florence ELOY
  • The media cultures and the school cultures are not contradictory or antagonistic ?

    Sophie JEHEL
  • “Pass me your duty ! “. Insights into the cultures of adolescents through the analysis of copying in class

    Antonietta MIGLIORE
  • Youth Cultures and cultures legitimate in textbooks in France and Germany

    Patricia VON MÜNCHOW

Devices and mediation

  • Celebrate his birthday at the museum : a ritual of childhood, between transmission and commodification

    Marie-Christine BORDEAUX
  • The report of the “little ones” to the 7th art : debates around School and cinema

    Perrine BOUTIN
  • The public art schools : training and socialization of adolescents in the area of arts teaching out of field school

    Frederique JOLY
  • Institutional arrangements and cultural practices in juvenile common : the reception of the devices on the film by the young rhône-alpes region

    Tomas LEGON
  • Culture of juvenile and public libraries : the institutional treatment practices juvenile

    Claude POISSENOT
  • The creation of the opera for the child-viewer or the discovery of a genre through the school trips to Paris, Leeds and Vienna

    Theresa SCHMITZ

Children, moreover, children by

  • Mbyá children’s knowledge

    Noelia ENRIZ
  • Queens that are and Queens that used to be: children and political culture in France and England

    Katharine THROSSELL

Family and transmission

  • Culture, recreation and fraternal relations

    Martine SHORT and Gaële HENRI-PANABIERE
  • Cultural practices for children and educational strategies of parents : effects of delegation in the transmission of cultural practices

    Samuel JULHE and Stephanie MIROUSE
  • The effects of the activity status of mothers on leisure activities for the children : the discovery of the reading by 3 to 5 years

  • Adolescence, how many cultures ? First results of the longitudinal survey on the cultural practices of children and adolescents

    Pierre MERCKLE
  • The weight of family influences in the constitution of cultural profiles teens

    Fanny FOX

Borders of ages

  • Cultures adolescent girls and digital worlds : when the young were no longer age

    Vincent BERRY
  • The imaging of the borders of the children : state of knowledge and research perspectives

    Simona de IULIO
  • Play the wolf and become grand : the entry in the 6th or the resignation to the school games

    Benedict DEJAIFFE and Stephanie RUBI
  • Passages between the child-schoolboy, and the pre-college student : perspectives on the transition from CM2 to the sixth

    Julie DELALANDE, Nathalie DUPONT and Laurence FILISETTI
  • Hypersexualization of girls and the troubles of the borders of the age

    Corinne DESTAL
  • Childhoods and adolescences : devices and constructions discursive gap multiple temporalities

    Gilles PRONOVOST and Joël ZAFFRAN
  • Simply children’s play? Reconfiguring child-adult relations in a leisure place for children

    Caterina SATTA

Images of childhood

  • The social patterns of relation to culture as conveyed by the literature of youth

    Stéphane BONNERY
  • “Tell me about the museum, draw me a museum “. An analysis of the representations of museums in the 8-11 years

  • The child and the recapitulation of the culture. About Granville Stanley Hall

    Dominique OTTAVI
  • The children’s panel : perspectives on the details of an interaction urban

    Alain VULBEAU
  • Celebrity and performance in the hopes of children

    Emily BISHOP, Melody WEST and Karen WILLIS

Memories of childhood

  • Gender, Early Socialization in the Arts, and Cultural Participation in the United States

    Angèle CHRISTIN
  • The child, family and music

    Typhaine PINVILLE
  • The other chamber music, how many young teen-es have learned the music

    François RIBAC

Digital and social link

  • Towards a new culture as a pre-teen ? The connection as the reconfiguration of the practices and their legitimacy

    Martine AZAM, Johann CHAULET and Jean-Pierre ROUCH
  • The digital culture of young chinese : writing practices peer-to-peer

  • New forms of solidarity : video games

    Marina d’AMATO
  • Children, internet cultures and online social networks

  • Media practices in a creole society : negotiations around the cultures teenage girls to The Meeting.

    Flavie PLANT

Practices and genre

  • Techniques that make women. Activities textiles and their learning in the T’ai Dam in Northern Laos

    Natacha COLLOMB
  • The report in the culture of girls in a suburban district

    Isabelle DANIC
  • Cultural practices and sexualization of the bodies of the girls at the time of entry into adolescence

    Aurélia MARDON
  • Socialization family and investment of girls and boys in practical, cultural, and sporting associations

    Christine MENNESSON
  • Gender, sexual Identity, and the emergence of cultures enfantines differentiated kindergarten

    Yoan MIEYAA and Nathalie ROUYER
  • Socialization of gender and bodily practices in early childhood. The place of initiation in cultural and sports activities

    Gérard NEYRAND
  • The library, a world of women. Determinations and consequences on the segmentation of the public young people in libraries

    Mariangela ROSELLI
  • Both boys and girls. Leisure and cultural differentiation of gender in childhood

  • The social dimensions of the practice of football among the boys of the lower classes

    Elsa ZOTIAN

Questions of method

  • How to observe the sociability teenager ? A study on three fronts

    Claire BALLEYS
  • Drawing : a way of expression and production of crops, nursery rhymes

    Angela MEYER BORBA
  • Interviewing children about their cultural practices : problems of method

    Olivier VANHEE

Sociability peer

  • Between cultural consumption and consumer culture : observation of the phenomenon Tecktonik

    Baptist CLERET
  • The exchange of snacks to the elementary school. A cultural practice specific to childhood?

    Géraldine COMORETTO
  • Groups of friends in college, and cultural practices


System objects

  • Fun culture : the game of child to leisure adult

    Antoine DAUPHRAGNE
  • Pocket money as a way to regulate the consumption child

    Valerie-Ines de La VILLE and Márcio DIAS
  • Objects of care, objects to self. The manufacture of a body intimate among children 9 to 13 years old

    Nicoletta DIASIO et Virginie VINEL
  • Stuffed toys, pacifiers and teats : the socialization of children to these “transitional object”

    Rachel GASPARINI
  • “There has Dora on my socks ! “. Reports on reading 3-6 years old and their representations on the world of the book

    Berenice WATY
  • Thirty years of catalogs of toys : mobility and permanence of the categories of genre

    Mona ZEGAI



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