Concern for the cuts in education and health

Preocupación por los recortes en educación y sanidad
Source: Centre for Sociological Research (CIS). / THE COUNTRY


Source: The Country-Policy. By Elsa García de Blas [04/04/2012]


The cuts have depth, and that’s when the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) has developed its barometer of march (between the 2 and the 11 of last month) are still not known, the pit of the Budgets for 2012 of eur 623 million in the case of Education and of 289 in the case of Health care. The concern of citizens for the two essential services has been steadily increasing in the last few months, and this march has soared to the highest level of the last year. According to the study, the teaching is the fifth issue of the Spanish (with 10% of mentions) -to which six out of every ten valued negatively – and the healing is placed in sixth place (9.3 per cent).

The past month of January, the image of the students of the institute public of Alicante to attend class with blankets for the lack of heating appeared in all the newspapers. Shortly after that incident resulted in a wave of student protests in the Valencian Community against the cuts. Since that month, the concern for education has gone up more than four points: I was at 5.6% and now stands at 10%, and that difference increases to almost six points comparing the situation today with that of exactly a year ago (in march 2011 reached 4.3%). The health has followed a similar path. The concern for the public service, he has climbed almost six points in the last year (from the 3.4% mentioned in march 2011 as problem to 9.3% that they have done this past month).

Public investment in education has suffered a cut of 3,400 million euros in the last two years

The citizens, according to the CIS, they believe that the main cause of the failure in education is the lack of media (say 22%), followed by the little that is required of the students. The majority (almost 60%) believed that the State spends “too little” on education. Only 2.7% estimated it to be you are investing too much and 31.2%, points out that “the right thing”. Public investment in education (at both the State and the Autonomous Communities) has suffered a cut of 3,400 million euros in the last two years.

Six of every ten spaniards believe that the education in Spain needs to improve: 62% answer that it is regular, bad or very bad and 40% think that is worse than ten years ago (19.5% estimated that it is equal to and the 30% is better). Are the colleges (22,7%) and public institutes (23,7%) the schools most in need of improvement have, followed by nursery schools, private and public (9%).

Despite the lack of media, public education is the best valued by the citizens. 35.8% were of the opinion that it works better than the private, and if I could choose, 54% would take their children to a public school (compared to 23% who take one private) and the 51% would select a public body (as compared to 26.6% who would choose a high school private).

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