Conchita Corera Award “Society and Human Values 2013”

Conchita Corera Premio “Sociedad y Valores Humanos 2013”


The Official College of Sociologists and political Scientists/ace of Navarra will be delivered next Wednesday, December 11, a new edition of the Award “Society and Human Values”. On this occasion, the recognition has concentrated on Conchita Corera Oroz by its committed and extensive experience with social justice.

Conchita Corera was born in Aós, 1947, Graduated in Political Sciences and Sociology at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and a Diploma in Social Work from the University of the Basque Country. Has held many positions, among which are those of professor and Technical director of the School of Social workers, St. Vincent de Paul of Navarre in Pamplona, director of the University School of social Work of the Government of Navarra, the director of the department of social Work of the Public University of Navarra, director of the UNESCO Chair in Citizenship, coexistence and pluralism” and a member of the Group ALTER, Research, Public University of Navarra.

Great for social involvement

In addition to his extensive professional experience, and the publication of numerous studies, papers and articles, Conchita Corera has expressed its commitment, in collaboration with in a multitude of forums. Among these activities are the participation in the Network Navarre in the Fight against Poverty and social Exclusion, Fundación ARGIBIDE, in addition to forming part of the equipment founders of the Fundación Bartolomé de Carranza, Foro Gogoa, Christianity and the world today, discussion Forum Iruña, the forum for reconciliation, Solasbide, where he has contributed very actively.

Conchita Corera has reached its position through effort and struggle. This critical positioning with the power gives you a plus merit to his professional career and personal that can’t be skipped. He has fought for causes of all kinds, political, religious, cultural, social…, but above all around the idea of social equality and justice and ethical principles.

This award comes to recognize this trajectory of commitment and effort for social justice. A spirit of independence, participation and engagement-in addition to working in a team – has permeated every stage and facet of his professional life that now from the College of Sociologists and political scientists/ace of navarra is rewarded.



  • 19.00 Opening of the act
  • 19.05 Intervention of the Dean of the College of Doctors and Graduates in Political Sciences and Sociology of Navarra – Nafarroako Politologoen eta Soziologoen Elkargoa, Mr. Carlos Vilches Plaza
  • 19.25 the Delivery of the award “Society and human values 2013” to Conchita Corera Oroz, by the Association of Sociologists and political Scientists/ace of Navarra
  • 19.30 Intervention of Conchita Corera Oroz:
  • 20.00 End of the event

Will present and will lead the act Dña. Idoia Gaminde Inda, a member of the Professional Council of the College.

The award is the work of the navarrese artist Carlos Ciriza.

Intervene the choir Workshop of Eighth notes.


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