Consumption. A book of Dominique Desjeux (Puf, coll. “What do I know ? “, 2006)

The book of Dominique Desjeux provides an overview of a domain in the most classic of the social sciences, with an ambition of accessibility and simplicity that is its strength, but also some of its weaknesses : the small size of the book does not have a very detailed presentation of these analyses, and it is also possible to discuss the relevance of some choice : it is not a presentation of the analyses strictly sociological aspects of consumption, but, on the contrary, a sélectoin entering in “a pluralist vision of the analysis of consumption “without” fatwa ideological “. Thus, there are presented both the analyses of the founders of Veblen, Halbwachs, Bourdieu as well as the one of the “sociostyles” Cathelat, or tribes, Maffesoli. In this context, the current work of the marketing, cognitive sciences and psychology are not omitted. The book has, therefore, desire to ” cast a wide net “, the ” chief product of the militant consumerists “, which will satisfy many, and will baffle them certainly those who are accustomed to an approach strictly sociological phenomena of consumption.

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