cultural values are factors of human development?

Los valores culturales ¿factores de desarrollo humano?

The values represent a philosophy of life and guide our conduct in life. These are the principles that govern our daily decisions, giving priority to one criterion over another with respect to an option or position to take. In practice, they mean the choices of each person and each group. Can we say that it is the expression of what each one values and to the community also? What are the guidelines for the reference of meaning of the life of a community, a village?

These values are fed by our beliefs, that is to say, for what each person and each group understands what is true and right, based on their feelings, in the knowledge that we have transmitted to our adults, and the people of whom we trust, in their traditions and customs, in the information that give us a particular view of the world that surrounds us and of which we cannot see and, above all, in the attitudes and behaviors that we transmit and spread to both individuals and institutions.

The set of values is usually identified with the culture background of a people, their idiosyncrasies. These values are transmitted from generation to generation. So you could say that the culture of a people is the result of the accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, and ways of living (values). We can say, therefore, that in principle there would be as many cultures as peoples. While it is true that in the West is to keep cultural differences in the various countries and peoples, they have more to do with the language, the folklore, the climate and the ancestral customs, with the model of happiness proposed, based on the unlimited consumption as a response to our deepest aspirations.

So, in the last few decades, they have been universalizing at an accelerated pace the same type of values, unifying the way we understand society, the economy, politics, consumption, and leisure, the model of the family, human relationships, etc, In this way, we share a few values in the image and likeness of the type of operation economic and financial of the global society.

In the present number of corporate Documentation, we have many different articles that address the question of cultural values from different scopes and perspectives.


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  • 9. Bibliography.

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  • Reinvention of the social exclusion in times of crisis. Joaquín García Roca.
  • Citizenship and participation rights of children. Lourdes Gaitan and Manfred Liebel.
  • Cycle change: crisis, resistance, and global responses. Yearbook of CEIPAZ 2012-2013. Manuela Mesa (coord.).

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