Did the bachelor agree with the aunt?

Did the bachelor agree with the aunt?

It was exactly the question that the bachelor had wanted to ask. “Well, yes,” admitted the aunt lamely, “but I don’t think they would have run quite so fast to her help if they had not liked her so much.” “It’s the stupidest story I’ve ever heard,” said the bigger of the small girls, with immense conviction.

What is the setting of the story teller?

The main setting of ”The Storyteller” is in a railway carriage. Three young children are with their aunt, and they are very bored. She tries to tell them a story, but they don’t like it. Then the bachelor who shares the car with them tells his own story, which the children much prefer.

Who is Bertha in the storyteller?

Bertha. Bertha is a character in the story within the story, told by the bachelor. She is a “horribly good girl” who received three medals for her goodness. When the prince of the town hears of Bertha’s excellent behavior he decides to reward her..

What happens to Bertha at the end of the story the bachelor tells in the story teller?

What happens to Bertha at the end of the story the bachelor tells in “The Story-Teller”? She gets lost in the woods. She gets eaten by a wolf.

Who is the antagonist in the bachelor’s story?

The antagonist in this story is two-fold. The aunt must first overcome her nieces and nephews by keeping them engaged on the long train ride, as well as the bachelor who is sitting in their compartment and he suggests he can tell a better story than she can.

What point does the bachelor make How is it different from the point the aunt makes?

How is the message of the bachelor’s story different compared to the aunt’s story? The aunt’s story means that if you are always good, then you will be rewarded, but the bachelor’s story means that bad things can happen to good people.

What is the moral or theme of the bachelor’s story?

What is the theme of the bachelor’s story? The theme of the aunt’s story is good people are always rewarded. The theme of the bachelor’s story is bad things happen to good people.

What is the first ring of truth that the children perceive in the bachelor’s story?

the first “ring of truth” is that Bertha is horribly good. what is the first “ring of truth” that the children notice in the bachelor’s story? in the bachelor’s story, why does Bertha come to an unhappy end? the story is considered a satire because it ridicules simplistic moral tales.

How does the character of the Bachelor add to the satire of the storyteller?

The character of the bachelor adds to the satire of “The Storyteller” in that He exposes the aunt’s flaws by telling an improper story that occupies the children. Satire can make fun of personalities, human conditions, exaggerating human flaws, or signaling weaknesses.

How would the story be different if either the aunt of The Bachelor?

What would be lost? If the story were to be told from the point of view of the aunt or the bachelor, we would get a very limited perspective. Moreover, a first person narrator won’t be as reliable as an omniscient narrator. In effect, both the objectivity and overall knowledge about the characters would be lost.

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