dogs and humans

Dogs and humans, a book of Dominique Guillo (Apple, 2009)

After you have brushed the points of view for a long time the dominant domestic animal, recalling that the relationships between dogs and humans is a phenomenon transhistorique and cross-cultural relationship in which only the canine species can claim, however, to the author, that despite this emotional closeness, the dog has been largely ignored by philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists.

Through this book, the sociologist, anthropologist and historian of science Dominique Guillo, seeks to explain the place occupied by the dog from the man. As noted in the foreword, this book is born out of the belief that the dog is to the man, a particular animal. This conviction of the author is also a master. So, this is the objective of this book is to offer the place the next magnet, and can be naive and smug about man’s best friend, a look of distanced and objective on it, in order “to show how the study of the dog has a treasure of questioning and discovery” (p 6), both for teachers seeking to understand the link that unites them to their dogs, and for all those who want to generally exploring the canine world a little more closely. More broadly, the desire underlying the author is also to get them to reconsider the opposition between nature and culture, to rethink the problem of the relationship between the biological, the social and the cultural, in terms of the study of the relationship between dogs and humans. “The insertion of an animal such as the dog and the relationship we have with him within the field of social sciences is not as expensive and iconoclastic as it might seem at first” (p 301).

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