Dr Acc you prescribed 4 min savings per day

Dr Cac vous prescrit 4 min d’économie par jourOn France 5, with effect from 3 October 2011 at 20: 20, follow the requirements of the Doctor of CAC ! Doctor, CPA, phd in economics, for Christian CAC, which is an acronym of This is Clear enough !

“Dear friends, hello ! I am a Christian CPA, phd in economics. CAC in three letters as “It is clear enough” and with me, the economy is going to become ! Clear enough, of course ! “

In less than five minutes, this doctor in economics is to give you the basics of Macroeconomics.

This lesson extension economic bet of humor : the diversion and sound archive images in a series voluntarily shifted and outdated (think of the skits from “Message to be informative in nature ” and away from the film business). Acrimonious comments, replies hot help the Doctor Cac and his cronies to ask the questions that make people angry.

The episodes available for the first are enticing.

Can Greece go bankrupt ?

Why is Qatar investing in the sport ?




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