ethical Consumption and recovery, part 2

The ticket on the sites of object recovery has been a success… and the many reactions that have significantly enriched the discussion. So thank you to all the people who have taken the trouble to respond to, and reflect, with me, the logic governing the sites of gifts.

From our discussions emerged the idea that the two sites are the headlights (in terms I remember visibility on the web, visits, and the number of objects transiting through the sites) that are and were based on different logics : while the first poses as a principle of operation in the near absence of advertising and defends the idea of a consumption environmentally responsible (to give instead of throw), the second lives, and by advertising. Large snippets of advertising dot the pages of donations. The funding by the advertising creates visibility, enhances the success and allows you to develop a larger structure and as a result more powered…. in terms of financial means as a human for the testing of donations, the online and the validation of the ads.

In addition to these two structures of donations, a less visible, which takes the form of a Google group by the name of Freecycle. Running on pre-registration to the group, and based on the sending by email of the donation offers city-by-city, the group Freecycle is less known and less visible. Created in Lyon at the end of August 2005, it brings together today on Lyon 5819 members. His goal of ‘ reducing municipal landfills and slow down the consumerism rampant. The principle : the free and respect. The way: an email is sent to a local network of members. “

Because (?) each member performs his gifts by sending an email to the community, the exchanges take on a different tone. Instead of an ad lacking and dry (recover tonight, if not direct trash), forms of greetings, formulas of politeness and hellos friendly, even an apology to the persons interested who were not able to be satisfied and get the gift. Everyone wishing for a good weekend, a good night…for future recipients. Trade in goods and demands also take a different turn. The peculiarity of the group Freecycle is that it allows you to give, but also to lend, borrow,… The messages should be prefaced by words in square brackets allow us all to identify [GIVES], [LOOK], [BORROW].. and then [RESERVE] and [PARTY] or [FIND].1 : making contact by mail or by phone is of the most cordial (tu, instant use of first names…). The people listed on the group Freecycle have the feeling of belonging to a community ? How have they discovered this group ? For what reasons have they joined ? So many elements of understanding to discover.

In addition, the fact to proceed by mail can keep the emails “sent to its recipients” and to be able to seek for a counter-gift when a donor seeks to turn something. On Freecycle, the community approach is more persistent (group identity reinforced by the existence of a list (on Lyon in any case) cafelyonfreecycle which allows you to exchange good plans, discounts, etc., the organization of an annual picnic2, the solicitation by donors of their recipients will, of course, (she comes in the mind of the freecyclers), as the recirculation of ancient artifacts recovered by this means after their use.3

In regards to or I have some answers from the informal discussions : it seems that in a large number of cases, the first contact with the site is done through a profile of the donor. After or before a move (future) customer needs to separate a wardrobe, a desk or a sofa had become too bulky or a lot of shoes used dishes separated, and the solution or imposes of itself : indeed, as I noted in a first post, this solution is economical in terms of time and energy. You give, it comes up. The solution of the donation is also a response last minute : after having tried to sell without success lebon or otherwise, the licensor gives its object. Economical Solution to get rid of cartons to large pallets, earth…equipment, or machines fail.4 In a donation, it is not uncommon that donors say ” You make me feel “, ” nothing, I’m “.5 which goes hand in hand with the preference often given when donating multiple to those who ask for multiple objects : avoid to make multiple appointments, get rid of objects quickly become annoying.

The daily observation of those sites, you will observe that the donors in the most hurry to spend their ad on multiple sites at the same time : this is the case for and this is less so for Freecycle (on a month of observation, I’ve noted 4 redundancies ads only between Freecycle and the other two sites). When the announcement has not been successful on a site, it is moved to the other. It is difficult to know if donors and recipients use the three sites jointly : in the comments of the first post published on this topic, a person said not to use that much preferred to for its lack of advertising. The people on Freecycle check offers on other sites ? To be continued…

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