Exclusion and Social Development. Analysis and outlook 2012

It has recently been presented at the headquarters of Cáritas Española in Madrid, the first of a series of annual publications of the Foundation FOESSA (Fomento Social Studies and Applied Sociology), entitled” Exclusion and Social Development. Analysis and Outlook 2012.

The data provided by the publication on the situation in Spain is worrisome. Spain is the country of the European Union that have grown the gap between rich and poor. The secretary-general of Caritas, Sebastián Mora, has indicated that we are “a poverty more extensive, more intense, more chronic, and a coexistence that is based increasingly on a dual society”.

The study addresses different aspects: levels of income, loss of level of well-being and basic social rights, access to housing, decrease of the cooperation to the development, … and the social reality that shows us the analysis is very serious, conaltos rates of poverty and social exclusion.



Exclusión y Desarrollo Social. Análisis y perspectivas 2012The document is structured in three blocks: Analyze…, we Delve…, we Argue… and each one of them picks up the analysis and input from experts.
In the first we present the analysis of a series of social indicators, which are intended to be a reflection of what is happening in the social dynamics. Its reading is done in dynamic key, so that we can observe their evolution or trend.
The sense of the second block is to analyze three or four situations of structure and social dynamics that allow to present, from an institutional point of view, a reflection of the background on the same. At least one of them focuses on issues of international character. It seeks to point out a series of “alerts” in the medium term that allow them to reflect on the direction of social changes.
One of the rules of analysis of this section will be the combination of one of the categories analyzed in the social indicators together with the processes that happen around a particular sector of the population.
In the last block we intend to generate a space that raises questions, trends, challenges and proposals with situations burning of the contemporary social context. Are brief analyses or summaries of the views of various actors, relevant for the purposes of the subject treated. These opinions are collected, either in format brief questionnaire, either in seminar format of discussion, with a scheme to dual the contents. In relation to the actors, can participate both as an individual and as a representation of an organization.
We intend that this new series of the Fundación FOESSA contribute to the necessary social debate, especially in a time where we need that critical thinking allows us to discern in relation to the being of our society. To analyze, examine and discuss. To take the initiative in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, as this may not be a “marginal” that “we will comply when we can”. That is to say, the dignity, the equality, the freedom of the people, and also of solidarity, must be turned into the evaluators, even in the Thursday, of the decisions and commitments to make real cohesion and social justice.

Summary of data Exclusion and Social Development 2012



Full report: EXCLUSION AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. Digital version (4029 Kb)


Sources: http://www.caritas.es and http://educa.feyts.uva.es

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