False-not in the deconstruction of stereotypes

How to deconstruct stereotypes? Evelyn Fox Keller ( (The century of the gene, Paris, Gallimard, 2003 [2000], p129) points out how the company is difficult from an example from Jurassic Park…

In the field of genetics, Evelyn Fox Keller has conducted a survey on the stereotypical representations. It concludes by using the example of Jurassic Park. It shows that despite the efforts made in the rest of the film to re-establish the “truth” about the Tyrannosaurus Rex (the big lizard herbivore rather than monster bloodthirsty), a single scene of the film is enough to erase : the one where the dinosaur chases the jeep and the humans. Thus ” perpetuating a brief moment, the stereotype is established, it helps to prolong the life of the T-Rex mythical “

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