Film work – Films and work

Filmer le travail – Films et travail

Film work, films and work in Cinema and social sciences
A book, published under the direction of Corine Eyraud and Guy Lambert (Université de Provence, Coll ” Out of Scope “, 2010)

In November 2007, held in Aix-en-Provence, an international symposium ” Film work “, which aimed to think the use of the film for the purposes of research in the sociology of work. The work that comes1 comes with a dvd, which features excerpts of films analyzed in the communications. The films have a duration of between 4 and 13 min, they are either proposed by viewing full cut in the form of excerpts and slowed down for a better understanding. In the body of the text, shots video can sometimes facilitate the relationship of the sequence analysis and the observation of the multimedia player2. Two axes organize the reflection : the first, entitled “Filming the work,” includes articles that aim to use the analysis process to observe, and to analyze the work, the second entitled “Movies and work” part objects, film (movies, tv series…) in order to analyze the social representations of the work. A book-media double-entry and a book of cross-cutting, led by a sociologist (Corine Eyraud) and a producer (Guy Rambert).

The introduction presents a framework of necessary reflection and stimulus to think about the audiovisual production in sociology : it is clear that it is minorisée, the disciplinary field of sociology is struggling to give a scientific recognition. The audiovisual production is not regarded by researchers or doctoral students as a legitimate source of scientific knowledge. This situation of unawareness is coupled with a reluctance of the land to accept to be filmed the work {in situ} (Gilles Remillet was echoed in her speech), and confronts the silence in the media in which they operate the productions cinematic sociological. The written word dominates the communications landscape scientists (it is very difficult to accept side of an oral communication the production of a film) and in this respect, this book-dvd launches may be a tradition… The introduction is also the occasion for Monique Haicault to provide an overview of existing films in the sociology of work and to point to the angle of observation of the agreed work that is adopted most often : few films deal with innovation, the environment of the knowledge economy, the culture, the work of women also goes unnoticed.

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