first Conference of Responsible Academic Sociology

During the days 21 and 22 of November was held at the Facultat de Ciències Socials, Universitat de València, the first Conference of Responsible Academic area of Sociology of Spanish universities. In this Conference, coordinated by the director of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of the University of Valencia, was attended by about 40 people, from more than 15 universities, mostly deans and directors of Departments of Sociology, but also deans or deans of Faculties, coordinators of degree and deans of Professional Colleges of Political Science and Sociology, as well as the current president of the Spanish Federation of Sociology (FES).

At the conference we carried out a collective reflection on the situation of sociology in our country, both from an academic point of view, discipline and professional, as well as from the point of view of the linking of the degree of sociology with the society.

Among the main conclusions highlighted the need to articulate strategies that visibilicen the importance of sociology to the understanding of our societies that are becoming increasingly globalized. In contrast with this need, the Conference denounced unanimously the absence of Sociology in the recent educational reform adopted (LOMCE), which contributes to impoverish the social dimension in the education of future citizens. It also underscored the importance of the sociology copper increased presence in the professional field, to give response to the increasing demand of studies and social analysis as well as to offer tools of evaluation and intervention in the private and public sphere.

It is expected that the Conference will hold its next meeting in may 2014 at the University of la Coruña.


  • Documents 1st Meeting of Academic managers of the Area of Sociology (Valencia, 21-22 November, 2013)
    • [PPT] Proposal on the Index of Social Integration. Presented by professor Constanza Tobío (UC3)(12/12/2013)
    • [PDF] External Practices. Presented by professor Lucila Finkel (UCM) (12/12/2013)
  • [PDF] Minutes of 1st meeting of Academic managers of the Area of Sociology (Valencia, 21-22 November, 2013)(12/12/2013)
  • [PDF] press release (28/11/2013)
  • [PDF] founding Charter (25/11/2013)
  • [PDF] First circular (25/11/2013)


Source: FES

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