France, Portrait social, 2009

As every year, Insee has in “France, portrait social,” the balance of economic and social changes observed during the past year.

A set of on-line documents, on the site of Insee. In summary, this year. The links provided here will direct you to the pdf documents.

  • Demographics – Increase in fertility in France in 2008
  • Education – half of a generation goes on to higher education
  • Employment and unemployment – The labour market returns in 2008
  • Wages – The real wage slows down significantly in 2008
  • The price can halt the progression of purchasing power in 2008
  • The mechanisms of reduction of income inequality in 2008
  • Redistribution Of the premium for the employment income of active solidarity : a target displacement for the benefit of the working poor
  • Consumption and conditions of life – about an hour daily transport : the disparities are reducing but remain
  • Consumption and conditions of life, The approach to disability through functional limitations and restriction of the overall activity in adults aged 20 to 59 years old
  • Folder – high school graduates “first-generation” : school trajectories and paths in higher education “bridled” by lesser ambitions ?
  • Trades and career paths of men and women
  • The salaries of the senior private : a higher average, but lower prospects for an increase

Finally, thematic fact sheets complement this rich corpus : what to do the tour quickly of important themes

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