global Change I: the challenge is to act.

Cambio global I: el reto es actuar.

Source: CEMAV, Center of Design and Production of Audiovisual Media, of the UNED.


“The challenge is to act” is the first chapter of a series of 5 programs, which seeks to address the Report’s findings on Global Change Spain 2020-2050, launched by the Centre of Studies and Environmental Information, in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid and with teachers of the National University of Distance Education.

With the aim of addressing this change of historical cycle that is living the planet, and the scenarios trend towards which we are headed, experts who have worked in the preparation of this report, seek to define routes of action to be decisive to cope with phenomena irreversible, such as climate change, the

loss of biodiversity, and depletion of resources.



Technical data sheet CHANNEL-UNED:

  • Title: global Change I: the challenge is to act.
  • Television program.
  • Issue date: 20-05-2011
  • Duration: 24’ 23’
  • Involved:
    • Fernando Prats Palazuelo, AUIA (Arquitectos Urbanistas Ingenieros Asociados).
    • María Novo Villaverde, Director Chair, UNED of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development.
    • Luís Jiménez Herrero, Director, Observatory of Sustainability in Spain.
    • Marta Pascual Rodríguez, a Pedagogue, a Teacher in Secondary and Coord. Ecological education of Ecologists in Action.
  • Production and realization: CEMAV

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