global Change II. The energy crisis

Cambio global II. La crisis energética

Source: CEMAV, Center of Design and Production of Audiovisual Media, of the UNED.


Since the second half of the TWENTIETH century, human societies have intervened in such a way on the planet that has the conditions that make possible the persistence of life, for the next generations, are in question. We are witnessing a true global change of magnitudes extraordinary.

The traditional energy resources, such as oil, coal, gas, are being depleted. The unbridled consumption that has done the same in the last few decades has polluted the water, soil and the atmosphere to limits that are unsustainable. Nuclear energy has proven, by far, not be safe, or even economically viable, and the last accident of Fukushima, comes to prove the point.

In this second installment of the series of Global Change, are experts in various areas of knowledge to analyze the situation of the energy crisis and the scenarios trend towards which we are headed, and setting out proposals for the short, medium and long term, to stem the irreversible effects on the life of the planet.



Technical data sheet CHANNEL-UNED:

  • Title: global Change II. The energy crisis.
  • Television program.
  • Issue date: 15-07-2011
  • Duration: 27’ 08’
  • Participants:
    • Joaquín Nieto, Expert Report, International Trade and Climate Change of the european Economic and Social committee.
    • Santiago Álvarez Cantalapiedra, Professor of International Economics at UCM and Dto. CIPEcosocial.
    • Yayo Herrero, a Teacher, a Tutor, Environmental Education, UNED.
    • Paco Castejón, head of the Theory of Plasmas of the National Laboratory of Fusion, EURATOM/CIEMAT.
  • Production and realization: CEMAV

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