Graphic Sociology and Social Sciences. Circles of thinkers, ideologues, social scientists and storytellers

Gráfico Sociología y Ciencias Sociales. Círculos de pensadores, ideólogos, científicos sociales y narradores

The Professor of Sociology at the University of Alicante, Benjamin Oltra, has recently published an essay, Sociology and social sciences: landscape-historical intellectual figures, theories, and findings, that describes the scientific contribution of the Sociology and the Social Sciences of the EIGHTEENTH century to the TWENTY-first century.

This is a short essay of synthesis of research on the main figures, theories and findings of the great masters of Sociology and the Social Sciences, published in the prestigious magazine Meetings multi-disciplinary, no. 47, vol XVI (may – August 2014), directed by Prof. Jesús Lizcano, Professor of Financial Economics at the Autonomous University of Madrid, sponsored by the General Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

Benjamin Oltra makes a journey in the key evolutionary from the Social Sciences, and especially through the Sociology as a discipline is a decisive driving force behind numerous lines of thought and development of other social disciplines, with a special mention to three of these lines: the humanistic, the scientific and the ideological. Benjamin Oltra also the scene multidisciplinary surrounding Sociology, with a reference to a systemic to the circles of thinkers, ideological, scientists, and men of the social disciplines since the EIGHTEENTH century until the TWENTIETH century, as well as to the evolution more widely, throughout history, of the social systems in three stages: cultures, civilizations and societies.

In this entry we attached the chart prepared by Benjamín Oltra on Sociology and Social Sciences. Circles of thinkers, ideologues, social scientists, and narrators.

Graphic Sociology and Social Sciences. Circles of thinkers, ideologues, social scientists, and narrators

Source: Department of Sociology I of the University of Alicante


Review about Benjamín Oltra and Martin of the Saints

Gráfico Sociología y Ciencias Sociales. Círculos de pensadores, ideólogos, científicos sociales y narradores

Benjamin Oltra and Martin de los Santos is Professor of Sociology (Sociology of Culture and Sociological Theory) of the Dept. of Sociology I of the University of Alicante. He is a Graduate in Political Science, Economic and Trade, by the universidad Complutense de Madrid, and a doctorate in Economic Sciences (Sociology) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He studied Methodology of sociology in The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA. UU.) and the Phd program in Sociology and the Humanities atYale University ( EE. UU.), where he obtained the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy in Sociology. In the course of his life lawyering, teacher and researcher, he has had the good fortune to train and interact with teachers as Loving of Miguel (his first teacher in Sociology, with whom he has worked over ten years in the professional firms led by him in Madrid and Barcelona, spain); Luis Díez del Corral, José Antonio Maravall, Carlos Ollero, Antonio López Pina, and Miguel Martínez Cuadrado (in the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Complutense); José Luis Aranguren (in the School of Sociology of the Complutense university and the Faculty of Philosophy); Juan Francisco Marsal and Executive Pinilla de las Heras (in the Autonomous University of Barcelona); Juan J. Linz, August B. Hollingshead, Jerome K. Mayers, Kai T. Erikson, Robert A. Dahl, Emir Rodriguez Monegal, Michel Mann, Ziygmunt Bauman, Harold Bloom, and Leszek Kolakowski (at Yale); Johan Galtung (in the University of Alicante and the Foundation of Social Sciences and Mediterranean World); and Pierre Bourdieu (Collège de France, Paris).He has been Professor of the Autonomous Universities of Barcelona and Madrid, and visiting Professor/ researcher at El Colegio de Mexico, Berkeley, Cambridge, Harvard, Le Collège de France, and Yale. He was the founder, Secretary and Director of Papers. Journal of Sociology (1973), of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and founder and Director of Campus. Cultural magazine of the University of Alicante. He was a founder and Vice president of the Foundation of the Social Sciences and Mediterranean World.He started his life of a researcher as a member of the firm of Amando de Miguel in Madrid (Serrano, 19, 7) conducted by the sociological Report on the social situation of Spain, 1970 (Madrid, 1970).In the years immediately following, he wrote to Think in Madrid. Sociological analysis of intellectuals and politicians in the Spain of franco (1975); and The imagination of ideas. A sociology of the intellectuals. (1977). Some of his books and articles from the years 1980 and 1990 are: Our society. Introduction to Sociology (1978) in co-direction with Juan F. Marsal; The national ideology Catalan(1980), a finalist for the Prize Anagram, with F. Mercadé and F. Hernandez; Nature and society. For open science (1985); “The intellectuals as Noocracia. Qualitative trends in the end of the Millennium”, Politics and Society. Studies in homage to Francisco Murillo Ferrol (1987); The sense of modernity (Valencia: Rev. Val. d’estudis Autonòmics, no. monograf. 7, 1987); Drawing of Spain (1988); Another vision of Europe (1993) in collaboration with E. Mira, L. F. de la Gándara et al.; Sociology. Models (1994, var. reed.), in al. María Teresa Algado; Culture and time. Research of the Sociology of Culture(1995); the essay “The Mediterranean sub specie temporis”, pp. 110-123, in the monograph of The basin of the Mediterranean. A nou challenge per Europe, published by the Revista Econòmica de Catalunya, no. 29 (may 1996); the essay “Veritas filia temporis (Latin title, English text), in Léonce Bekemans and Eduardo Mira (Eds.), Civitas Europe. Cities, Urban Systems and Cultural Regions between Diversity and Convergence (Brussels: European Interuniversity Press, 2000).His recent books and essays are: The Mediterranean. Cultures, civilizations and societies (2002); Society, life and Theory. The sociological Theory from the perspective of the Sociology of Narrative (2004) with al. J. I. Garrigós, A. Mantecón, and Ch. Oltra Algado; “Seven variations on the theme of “Society”. Say it with mathematicians” (2006); Culture and Civilization. Course of Sociology of Culture(2007); “The argument from Science” (2008); “Eight variations on the theme of culture”, in the book of homage to prof. José Jiménez Blanco directed by profs. Amando de Miguel, Miguel Beltran et al., Society: Theory and empirical research. Studies in homenaje a José Jiménez Blanco (2002); “The Culture”, in Julio Iglesias and Antonio Trinidad, Read the society (2005); “The Culture”, in collaboration with Christian Oltra Algado, Julio Iglesias and Antonio Trinidad, Read society (2009), second ed.; and Sociology of Culture. Book essential readingsin al. with A. Mantecón and Ch. Oltra Algado.

He is currently working on the following books: an Atlas of thought, ideas and social science, in the modern times (EIGHTEENTH century until today); a History of the social sciences through their teachers, circles, schools, major works, ideas and findings in their basic texts; in a very Short treaty of Sociology; and in a literary text about Monsieur de Tocqueville and Herr Marx.

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