Health, demography and society in the elderly population

Salud, demografía y sociedad en la población anciana

The aging of the population has had a marked impact on the societies demographically advanced during the last decades of the TWENTIETH century and all indications are that it will stay in the near future. The present volume deals with the basic knowledge around the aging from a triple perspective: health, demographic, and sociological. With this helps to lay the groundwork for future agendas required that they pay attention not only to the economic consequences of aging, but also to the increase of the quality of life, health and well-being of citizens throughout their lives.



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Brief review on Rosa Gómez Redondo (dir.)

Salud, demografía y sociedad en la población anciana

Rosa Gómez Redondo has dedicated his research career to the study of the socio and health, mainly to the trends of ageing and increasing life expectancy in Spain, as well as to the factors involved in its evolution, and its consequences. First, as a researcher of the Higher Council of Scientific Researches and currently, as a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology from the National University of Distance Education. Since more than twenty years ago, his line of research is developed through successive projects funded; the most recent, “Longevity, disability and dependency. Health and quality of life at advanced ages in Spain I” (SEJ2006-10972); and currently, “Transformations of aging and the vejezrnen Spain. Of fifty to one hundred and more years” (CSO2010-18925). Belongs to several international research networks, such as the Human Mortality Database (HMDB), Berkeley; Reseau d’esperance de Vie en Santé (REVES) Montpellier; International Database on Longevity (IDL) Rostock-Paris, among others. With respect to its activity of international management, it should be noted that it is an elected member of the program More Years, Better Lives (JPI), the Demographic Challenges; (joint-chair delrnWorking Group on Health and Performance). It also forms part of the Council of Advisors of Population Europe Secretariat. In addition to his teaching activity in the areas of population and health in your university, leads the team of demographic analysis in the master of Public Health from the National School of Health carlos iii, and is the director of other graduate degrees by agreement of the UNED and Instituto Carlos III and the Fundación Mapfre.


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