History of social thought

Historia del pensamiento social

Reference work which traces the evolution of the concepts, theories and ideas of political philosophy, social, economic, and ethics of the West from its beginnings in ancient Greece to the present.

Historia del pensamiento social de Salvador Giner traces the evolution of the concepts, theories and ideas of political philosophy, social, economic, and ethics of the West from its beginnings in ancient Greece to the present. Its proverbial clarity, scholarship, fairness, and the critical spirit has made this work an indispensable tool of work and source of essential knowledge for sociologists, historians, economists, and those who show interest in the moral and political philosophy. The present edition has been revised and substantially enlarged in order to better serve the ongoing demand to which it is subjected this vast and ambitious treaty, a classic text and reference, unparalleled in Spanish language.

The great systems of philosophical social of Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Marx, Tocqueville, Weber and other thinkers classics, including some very recent ones, such as Hannah Arendt, receive here treatment full and rigorous. Also receive the various schools of doctrinal, ideological, or critical which make up our tradition, and without which it does not understand the ideas of today. As well, it outlines the visions and arguments of republicanism classic and the modern, christianity, liberalism, socialism, environmentalism, and even the cultural pessimism. The work of professor Giner culminates with a detailed exposition of the main theories on the crisis of modernity in the framework of current globalization processes, with special emphasis on the social movements of our days. This work exposes the diverse aspects of the reflection on human society, and shows the different currents of theoretical and doctrinal in a wide range of moral and ethical dimensions, political, economic, and cultural.


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Brief review on Salvador Giner

Historia del pensamiento social

Salvador Giner, after graduating in Law, he studied sociology in Cologne. Master and Phd in sociology and social theory at the University of Chicago. Post-graduate studies at Cambridge. Taught in English universities of Reading, Lancaster, and West London (Brunel), where he was Director of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. He has been professor at the Universities of Rome, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Valencia (Venezuela) and the Sorbonne.

Professor at the University of Barcelona since 1989 ,was also at the University Pompeu Fabra. Founded and presidión the Spanish Federation of Sociology. Co-founder of the European Association of Sociology. He directed the Institute for Advanced Social Studies, CSIC. Directed International Journal of Sociology. Co-founder of the European Journal of Sociology. From 2005 until today, is the chair of the Institut d’estudis Catalans, the academy of the sciences and the humanities.

Salvador Giner is one of the most relevant sociologists and representative of the social philosophy and moral in Spain. In addition to his many empirical studies macrosociológicos , is the author of authoritative works on the dynamics of the civil societies, democracy, citizenship and the evolution of ethics, many translated into several languages. Among which stands out this same treaty, his two books on the history of sociological theory, the Dictionary of Sociology, Mass Society , and its recent Origin of the Moral.

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