Homoparentalités : untie the kinship of procreation ?

Homoparentalités : délier la parenté de la procréation ? I get this Thursday, march 24 at 18h, Martine Gross, in the framework of the cycle of conferences ” in The course of the work of the social sciences “. Engineer of research in the social sciences at the CNRS, she has devoted most of its work to the same-sex parenting. She has published or edited several books on the topic.

The realities covered by the term “same-sex families” multiplied with the evolution of the social vision focused on homosexuality. These realities are questioning the definitions of what are a parent, a mother, a father, a family, kinship, etc., We will see how these families, at the same time are violating certain norms and social representations in and comply with others, illustrate the issues posed by the diversity of configurations contemporary family. The challenge cast by the parents of the same sex is that they may not slip in our model naturalist of kinship that confuses paternity, and procreation, and assigns to each of us to be a single father and a single mother, supposed to be our parents.

His most recent publications on the issue :

– M. Gross (ed), Homoparentalités, state of the premises, Eres, 2005

– Mr Gross, Mr Peyceré, Build a family with same-sex parents, 2005, I read

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– M. Gross / E. Antier, Two dads, two moms, what to think? Debate on same-sex parenting. Calman-Lévy, 2007

– Mr. Gross, The same-sex parenting, the received ideas, the Blue Rider, 2009

Recent Articles

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