How can I renew my nursing certificate in Karnataka?

How can I renew my nursing certificate in Karnataka?

Provisional Renewal Certificate Process

  1. Create user ID
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Add all the documents and filling form.
  4. Upload a copy of letter from your working hospital to our Karnataka council.
  5. Make the payments of 2000 for foreign verification and 500 for renewal.

How do I get NOC on KSNC?

NOC fee is Rs 500 you have to pay online to KSNC. You have to Surrender your KSNC Regn Certificate at KSNC personally. KSNC will send the NOC directly to these State Nursing Councils. This process will take 10 to 15 days, and you will get email intimation from KSNC as well.

How do I make an appointment with KNC registration?

You can book your appointment by visiting the KSNC website: Each candidate has to use the same KSNC user ID and password when registered for the first time to book your appointment.

How many times nursing registration can be changed?

Periodic Renewal of Registration /License. – (i) In order to maintain Live-Register all registered nursing personnel need to renew registration after every 5 years.

What is RR GNM?

However, if the nurse wants to work in any other State, say in Kerala, she has to register in Kerala and it is called RECIPROCAL REGISTRATION (RR Registration). KNMC will directly obtain NOC from KSNC. She has to obtain NOC from KNMC to KSNC.

What is reciprocal certificate?

Reciprocal Registration means a registration granted by the Board to an individual to use the title Registered Interior Designer or any derivation of the word based on the License or Registration in good standing in another jurisdiction meeting the requirements for Registration in this state.

How can I register for Nursing in West Bengal?


  1. 1) A filled up application form for Reciprocal Registration to be purchased from WBNC.
  2. 2) A recent passport size self-attested photograph of the candidate in uniform.
  3. 3) 02(two) copies of registration certificates issued by the parent council with their renewal up to date.

How can I get good standing certificate in Karnataka Nursing Council?

Procedure of getting a good standing certificate from Karnataka Nursing Council July 2018. First of all, you have to go to for applying for good standing/verification certificate. Do the primary registration. After creating user ID and password in KSNC website.

How do nurses register Inc?

INC (Indian Nursing Council) has launched NRTS ( Nurses Registration And Tracking System )….Online And Offline NRTS Application

  1. click on new user.
  2. choose type of registration.
  3. Fill registration form and login again.
  4. Fill the complete form and submit required documents.
  5. You will get necessary information in your email.

Is GNM banned in India?

Indian Nursing Council will stop GNM Nursing Course Admission from 2021 all over India and will start the Single Entry Level B.Sc Nursing Course. The last admission year for GNM nursing is 2019 and 2020. Know all the details information about Phasing out GNM Training programme from 2021.

What are male nurses called?

(meɪl nɜːs) noun. a man who is employed to tend sick, injured, or infirm people; a nurse who is male.

Is GNM banned in India 2021?

Will Be Phased Out By 2021. Indian Nursing council is taking necessary steps to phase out the 3 year duration GNM course In India by year 2020-2021. So, The General Nursing And Midwifery GNM course will be eliminated soon.

Why is GNM banned in India?

According to a March 14 notification by the council, the last admission for GNM courses will be done in 2020. The council stated that the government was phasing out GNM courses to ensure quality nursing education.

Which is better ANM or GNM?

Graduates of the ANM and GNM programmes are qualified to work in both the public and private sectors. Because the GNM programme is longer than the ANM programme, it offers more opportunities in terms of compensation and growth. A candidate can also pursue GNM after completing an ANM diploma.

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