How do you write a 3 minute thesis?

How do you write a 3 minute thesis?

avoid jargon and academic language; explain concepts and people important to your research – you may know all about Professor Smith’s theories but your audience may not; imagine that you are explaining your research to a close friend or fellow student from another field; and.

How many words is a 3 minute thesis?

Google says that the average person can speak 130 words per minute. Our competition demonstrates that our graduate students can explain their thesis with one image in 3 minutes, which is give or take 390 words. The #challenge is on to make complex research accessible to the community.

What is the rule of three in presentations?

The Rule of Three is a classic writing principle that may also be slightly imbued with magic. It states that ideas or stories presented in threes are more memorable to the listener. Think of things in our culture that utilize this: “stop, drop, and roll,” “9-1-1,” and even “beginning, middle, and end” in storytelling.

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