in-vitro fertilization in France

The number of People and Companies of December 2008 200 000 children conceived through in vitro fertilization in France since 30 years ” Élise de La Rochebrochard made the point about in vitro fertilization : medical techniques, ethical debate, evolution.

In total, since the inception of the technique, nearly 200 000 children have been conceived by IVF in France at the end of the year 2008. This continued growth is the result of both a more frequent use of IVF, and a better success rate (currently 20% to 25% of attempts lead to the birth of at least one child living).

The proportion of births obtained by the single technique of IVF has grown steadily over the past twenty years, from 0.52% in children conceived by IVF in 1988 to 1.74 % in 2006 (an average rate of increase of + 0.72 per cent per decade). If the trend continues, more than 2 % of children could be conceived by IVF in France in 2010.

The number of children conceived by IVF in the world for the year 2000 alone is estimated at around 200 000, or as many as the number of children conceived by IVF in France over the entire period 1981-2008. Approximately 5 % of these births to the year 2000 have taken place in France, compared to over 15 % in the United States.

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