Institutes and Centers of Social Studies

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  • CASUS – Center for Social Analysis

  • CCHS – Center for Social and Human Sciences
  • CEACS – Center for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences – Juan March Foundation
  • Centre of Sociology and Public Policy, UPO
  • Center Reina Sofia Adolescence and Youth
  • CES – Economic and Social Council of Spain
  • The CIDOB foundation – The people at the centre of international relations
  • CIP-Ecosocial – Research Center for Peace
  • CIS – Centre for Sociological Research
  • CSIC – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
  • Defender of the People
  • Economic Analysis and research of The “la Caixa”
  • IESA – Institute for Advanced Social Studies
  • IFS – Institute of Philosophy
  • IISJ – International Institute of Juridical Sociology of Oñati
  • IMSERSO – Institute of the Elderly and Social Services
  • INCIPE – Institute of International Issues and Foreign Policy
  • INE – National Statistics Institute
  • INEE – National Institute for the Evaluation of Education
  • INJUVE – Institute of Youth
  • Institute of Catalan Studies
  • Institute of the Woman
  • Instituto Juan March de Estudios e Investigaciones
  • National institute of Consumption
  • Paulo Freire Institute – Spain
  • University institute for Migration Studies – University of Comillas
  • University institute of the Family – University of Comillas
  • LANIC – Latin American Network Information Center
  • LINHD –Laboratory of Innovation in Digital Humanities – UNED
  • OJD – Office de Justification de la Diffusion
  • OSE – Observatory on Sustainability in Spain
  • Real Instituto El Cano


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