Javier Prieto. Sociology

Javier Prieto, based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a student of Sociology at the UNED, as stated in his blog:

[…] seeks to learn, to apprehend, to show and share the different thoughts traditional and contemporary of this social science [Sociology].

Javier Prieto is a great friend and one of the best companions that you can take one for studying at a distance, in our case: Sociology at the UNED. There will be few students of the UNED (and not only of the UNED) that they can confirm their worth as a student and his fidelity to the rest of their classmates, of course, for the shares, promotes and encourages. Proof of this are his work as a CP (Partner of Network Support for the virtual courses of the platform aLF (UNED), and is currently a Delegate in the Associated Center of the UNED in Tenerife in the section of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology.

But the best proof of its good work and its good to share is the blog here. A blog that, in the day that I publish this entry, it has a number of deconstructing visits: over 186,000, and only the blog has completed two years.


Javier Prieto. Sociología

In this blog we can find a myriad of resources and information about this social science, of special interest for those who are starting to have a passion for Sociology or study it in plans regulated. As I said before, not only interesting for students of the UNED, as it is not the only distance university. It is not only a reference for the mode of studies, but by the resource base that provides for a good foundation -as I would say Tezanos– in the learning of sociological thinking. Works as practices of continuous assessment, summaries, responses to self-evaluations proposed in the manuals and by teams of teachers, etc, Some of these jobs, and now more recently, performed with the collaboration of other peers in work teams, which he himself has promoted, and has directed during the semesters in which they pursue different subjects of degree of Sociology at the UNED.

Javier Prieto discovered Sociology in your Course, Access to the UNED. Found Javier their vocation to continue the university studies thanks to the subject of Sociology of the CH+25, of which he is still teaching Violante Martínez Quintana, professor of the Department III of Sociology at the UNED. Before you begin your new journey in degree in Sociology, he started his blog, which is now one of the best references of Sociology in the Network.

Javier Prieto has collaborated in Cisolog with multiple entries, for example these:

  • The factor Spinoza. Interview to Vicente Hernández Pedrero (29/03/12)
  • Who’s afraid of human nature? (11/01/12) [Review of the book of the Castro brothers that we do the two together].
  • Homosexuality. Some scientific perspectives (12/01/12)
Also I have collaborated in your blog, for example, the story on exclusive which I offered the conference “what future for the solidarity?” that Zygmunt Bauman offered in Madrid on the 15th of October 2011:
  • “We are solitary connected” by Zygmunt Bauman. Part I
  • “We are solitary connected” by Zygmunt Bauman. Part II
  • “We are solitary connected” by Zygmunt Bauman. Part III

The blog of Javier Prieto me inspired me to create this weblog in which we are right now. To him, therefore, I owe the thanks for boosting my motivation. Also goes my gratitude for their spirit of collaborative and participatory. An hour less in the Canary islands, but Javier is not one only in the UNED or the Network when Sociology is about.


Ruben Crespo
April 18, 2012

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