José Luis Moreno Tab. Hexis. Philosophy and Sociology

In mid-2011, I had the pleasure of meeting Jose Luis Moreno Tab in the Seminar of Young Researchers “Research Experiences” that have been organizing a group of doctoral students in the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, COMPLUTENSE university of madrid through the Master’s degree in socio-Cultural Analysis of Communication and Knowledge (Department of Sociology, V -Sociological Theory-). Then, with the assistance of some of the lectures and through his two blogs —which I will present in this entry— I feel privileged to keep in contact with him with some frequency.

Precisely so prolific that it is to publish in an open manner in the Network texts and resources very interesting in sociology, philosophy, epistemology of the social sciences and sociology of the body and mental illness, among many other topics of interest to sociology in general, the websites of José Luis Moreno could not miss in the section of Sociology in a Network of Cisolog. In addition, I consider it to Jose Luis as a partner of Cisolog. He was kind enough to grant permission without reservation to publish a very interesting text about The profession of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Claude Passeron and Jean-Claude Chamboredon, and videos of one of his lectures on Think the democratic habits with Michel Foucault conducted for the working group ‘theoretical Discussion’ of the Plaza del Carmen in Granada, after the events of the 15M.

José Luis Moreno Pestaña. Hexis. Filosofía y Sociología

*Hexis is the aristotelian concept that Aquinas and Boethius, translated into Latin as hábitus. In these authors, the habitus plays a key role as intermediate, on the one hand, between the act and the power -through the habitus transforms the potentiality inscribed generically by the beings in a specific capability of performing acts-, and on the other, between the outer and the inner -explain the internalization of the external ligand and the past history of the updates present. After this term was used and developed by many thinkers, but it is in Bourdieu, where the habitus is going to receive at the same time a systematic formulation and sociological. See more in the Dictionary of Critical Social Sciences of the UCM



José Luis Moreno Pestaña. Hexis. Filosofía y Sociología


José Luis Moreno Pestaña. Hexis. Filosofía y Sociología

José Luis Moreno Tab was born in Linares, he was a professor of Social Work at the University of Jaén. He is currently a professor of Philosophy at the University of Cadiz, phd in Philosophy from the University of Granada, and the holder of an Habilitation à direct des recherches in Sociologie (EHESS, Paris).

As I said before, his main areas of research are three:

  1. The epistemology of the social sciences (see his article on Jean-Claude Passeron, who has also translated The sociological reasoning. The comparative work of the historical evidence, Madrid, Siglo XXI, 2011).
  2. The sociology of the Spanish philosophy (see, among other publications, his book Philosophy and Sociology in Jesus Ibanez. Genealogy of a critical thinker, Madrid, Siglo XXI, 2008).
  3. The sociology of mental illness (see, above all, a Moral body, eating disorders and social class, Madrid, Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 2010).

Both in Spain and in France, José Luis Moreno-Tab is one of the biggest specialists in the work of Michel Foucault. After completing his thesis on Foucault, José Luis went back to rewrite after having studied extensively the work of another great French thinker, Pierre Bourdieu. The second, with the approach of the methodology of sociology developed by Bourdieu for the study of the cultural fields. His most famous books on Foucault include: Becoming Eddy. Sociogenesis of a philosopher (Barcelona, Montesinos, 2006); and the most recent; Foucault and the political (Tierradenadie ediciones, Madrid, 2011), which is the Spanish version extended of which he published in France: Foucault, la gauche et la politique (Paris, Textuel, 2010).

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