Learn how to design a research project qualitative

Aprende a diseñar un proyecto de investigación cualitativo

Course to learn the basics of qualitative analysis. Aimed at anyone who wants to learn and/or expand the exciting world of qualitative analysis


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Course description

Presentation of the course

In this videocurso online you’re going to learn the basics of qualitative analysis. The scientific research, especially in the field of the social sciences, is directed more and more each day toward the combined use of the perspectives of quantitative and qualitative analysis. This course is intended for both students of all the disciplines and professionals of the research and the business world who want to learn or remember the fundamentals of qualitative research.

Learn how to design a research project qualitative through this simple course in that it offers a fresh vision of the world of research and the orientation of the qualitative in the analysis of the information.

In this videocurso online will cover the basic steps as well as the fundamentals that the hold that will allow you to design your own project. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to a wide range of possibilities ranging from the search of the schemes of human thought up to the applications to more commercial in the marketing of avant-garde.

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Content of the course


  • Introduction to the course


  • Introduction to block 2
  • Differences between perspectives (A)
  • Differences between perspectives (B)
  • Methodological differences (A)
  • Methodological differences (B)


  • State of the art (A)
  • The State of the Question (B)
  • The State of the question: The map of meanings
  • The Map of Meanings. Example IVE (A)
  • The Map of Meaning: for Example: IVE (B)
  • Justification
  • Objectives
  • Methodology


  • Definition of the object as a basis for the methodological design
  • Field of Research and selection of participants (A)
  • Field of Research and selection of participants (B)
  • Dimensions and indicators
  • Techniques of data collection (A)
  • Techniques of data collection (B)


  • Types of Interview
  • Design of the Interview Scientific
  • Conducting the interviews (To)
  • Conducting the interviews (B)


  • Design of the Discussion Groups
  • Realization of Discussion Groups (To)
  • Realization of Discussion Groups, (B)
  • Analysis of the Discussion Groups


  • Many thanks and see you soon

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To complete the course are awarded a certificate.

Professor of the course

Aprende a diseñar un proyecto de investigación cualitativo

Daniel Knight, Julia is a sociologist. As auto-entrepreneur it offers its services to companies, universities, organizations and in general to any person or public or private collective want to bring to fruition a research. As a sociologist, Daniel Caballero you can offer your customers a social perspective to the analysis of data. With special domain of the fields of health, education, and gender. As a data analyst offers the rigour and the mastery of statistical advanced. His Master’s degree in Advanced Analysis of Multivariate Data by the University of Salamanca (Spain) is completed with the experience of working within the qualitative analysis.

The methodology and quantitative and qualitative research as well as its application is, therefore, the central axis of BiXiN, its micro-business assistance, advice and support in matters related to the quantitative and qualitative research, especially within the social sciences.


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