Louis Lemkow, honorary doctorate by the Josai International University of Japan

Louis Lemkow, professor of the Department of Sociology of the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), has been appointed doctor honoris causa by the Josai International University (Japan) for his “contributions distinguished in relation to the promotion of international education and the advancement of learning and culture.” The investiture took place on 3 April and featured a lecture from Lemkow on environmental justice and climate change.

Lemkow he studied sociology resources and environmental at the universities of Essex and Salford, in the Uk, and of geography at the UAB, where he also gained his doctorate in economic sciences. Since 1975, he teaches sociology and environmental science at the UAB. He has taught also at the Norwich City College and the University of East London (Uk) and Cornell University (Usa). At the UAB, in addition, he has held various institutional positions: he has been vice-rector of International Relations and Cooperation (1994-2002), president of the Foundation Autònoma Solidària (1998-2002) and director of the Department of Sociology (1984-1986).

He has been the director of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the UAB from 2006 to 2012 and coordinated two research groups for the World Health Organization (WHO), among other activities, scientific co-ordination. His research touches on various branches of knowledge: environment, social inequalities, and sustainability, health, science, work and unemployment, technology and society, and peace and mediation in conflicts. He has published fifteen monographs and a large number of papers in journals of reference. He has also directed a dozen doctoral theses.

Lemkow has advised the different agencies and public administrations: the WHO, the European Commission, the city councils of Barcelona and Madrid and the government of the province of Gyeonggi, in South Korea. Has also excelled in the field of cooperation and international relations to coordinate projects around the world and leading initiatives such as conferences between the European Union and South Korea or the colloquium “Intercultural Dialogue in Mediterranean Scenarios”.


Source: UAB – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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