Manual Care and social assistance to dependent persons in social institutions

Manual Atención sociosanitaria a personas dependientes en instituciones sociales

Collection: Practical Manuals. No.: 10

Certificate of Professionalism

Center of Humanization of the Health and Cáritas Española Editores


This manual for the healthcare and Social assistance to Dependent Persons in Social Institutions responds to the need to qualify the technical and human side of the professionals who present care in health centers of various kinds. The structure of the work provides for the contents in modules and learning units that claim to be eminently practical, with self-assessment activities at the end of each chapter.
This Manual is intended to be a training tool useful in different modalities of training to caregivers, gerocultores and auxiliary in a position to accredit skills. It also allows you to other professional profiles providing healthcare such as nursing, therapists, psychologists,… review basic knowledge; as well as to update and deepen in the model of comprehensive care of the dependent person in health centers.
This Manual sets out the daily experiences that occur in the Center of Humanization of Health and the Assisted living Residence San Camilo de Tres Cantos, in Madrid.



Module I. Support in the organization of interventions at the institutional level
  1. Support in the reception and acceptance in institutions of persons dependent
  2. Support in the organization of activities for dependent persons in institutions
Module II. Intervention in the care hygienic-food institutions
Module III. Intervention in the healthcare and social assistance
Module IV. Psychosocial support, care, relational and communicative in institutions
  1. Animation social for dependent persons in institutions
  2. Maintenance and improvement of the daily activities of dependent persons in institutions
  3. Technical communication with dependent people in institutions

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