Manuel Castells wins the prize Holberg 2012

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Manuel Castells gana el premio Holberg 2012

The Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells has been awarded the prize Holberg is because their jobs, “have formed our understanding of the political dynamics in urban economies and in the global society-of-network”.

The ruling, released today in Oslo, points out that Castells is the leading sociologist within the research on cities and urbanization, and on technologies of the information and of the media.

“Has shed light on the structures of power that underlie the technological revolutions of our time and its consequences. Has contributed to an understanding of how social and political movements have been developed with the new technologies of the information”, noted the jury.

Manuel Castells (Hellín, Albacete, 1942) is a professor of research of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and is also professor emeritus of Sociology and of city and regional Planning from the University of California.

National prize of Sociology and Political Science, 2008, is the author of twenty books, including the trilogy “The information age: economy, society and culture”, published in twenty-three languages.

The International Prize to the memory of Holberg distinguishes all the years of contributions in the world of the humanities, social sciences, law and theology, and is endowed with 4.5 million Norwegian kroner (591.000 euro).

On the list of winners of the award are listed, among others, the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, who won it in 2005.

It receives its name from Ludvig Holberg, playwright, historian, essayist and a key figure of the Enlightenment in the scandinavian countries.

Castells will receive the award June 6 in Bergen (Norway), the city where Holberg was born in 1684, when his country was part of the Danish Kingdom.


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