meat consumption and the distinction

Looking documents on the power supply for a TD that I can give to the faculty of Lyon II, I stumbled on a short article (3 pages) Arnaud Frauenfelder entitled “Consumption of meat, distinctions and social rules and regulations” published in the journal Logbook-social sciences and humanities in 2008. The number of the journal is available in full on the net.

This article is the occasion for the author to come back on the social differentiation of practices in the food and especially the meat : consumption and appétences are cleaved socially. Meat white, red, skinny or fat… : forms of consumption are diverse and reveal, even today forms of distinction.

The opportunity to recall the existence in this issue of the seminal paper of Claude Grignon and Christiane Grignon and entitled “Styles of food and popular taste,” published in 1980 in the Revue française de sociologie (and about him available on perseus)

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