Methodology of social research. Innovative techniques and applications

Metodología de la investigación social. Técnicas innovadoras y sus aplicacionesMethodology of social research. Innovative techniques and their applications is a book coordinated by Millán Arroyo Menéndez and Igor Sádaba Rodríguez1 and published in Editorial Synthesis.

This is an advanced manual on methodology and applications, carefully selected for their character emerging, innovative, or by frequency of use in empirical research. The work takes particular account of the new strategies of collection and analysis of information from a sociological standpoint, the measurements that involve new devices and technologies (the digital world), the comprehensive management and rapid information (such as spatial data), and the means of registration and storage of digital data (including image, audio, and video).

Are addressed themes that are fundamental to the sociological analysis of the twenty-first century and with the possibilities offered by current technology: analysis of audiovisual materials, geospatial analysis, image analysis; the possibilities of the qualitative research, the primary or documentary, the adaptation of the research demoscópica classic to those applications (development of systems, CATI/CAWI, etc), new trends of research on line and other possibilities of qualitative (ethnography, virtual interviews on-line, etc), the resurgence of interest in the analysis of social networks, the new possibilities of social simulation, as a result of the developments in distributed artificial intelligence, etc


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  1. Millán Arroyo and Igor Sádaba are professors in the Department of Methodology of Social Research and Theory of Communication of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, UCM. [↩]

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