Michel Foucault by yourself

Thanks to the translation of Irene Wolf and Doclécticos we can see with subtitles in Spanish of this great documentary on Michel Foucalut.

Michel Foucault by itself is a documentary that offers a glimpse of some of the main themes on which he reflected Michel Foucault throughout his life. This panorama is constructed from the own words of the author, since the documentary is made up by the ilación of fragments of statements of Foucault, some of the courses that are issued and quotations from their texts, which explains the title of this film: “Michel Foucault by himself.” In this way, we can hear the French thinker to define “heterotopias” to reflect on the “parrhesia” and on the emergence of the idea of “man”, among other issues. Likewise, we hear fragments of books such as “History of madness in the classical period”, to “Monitor and punish” and “words and things”. (FILMAFFINITY)

Michel Foucault by himself (2003) from Perrerac on Vimeo.



ORIGINAL TITLE Michel Foucault par lui-meme
YEAR 2003
DURATION 62 min.
DIRECTOR Philippe Calderon
SCRIPT Philippe Calderon, François Ewald
MUSIC Bernhard Elsner
PHOTOGRAPHY Antoine Monod, William O’ Calaghan
SHARING Documentary, Michel Foucault
PRODUCER ARTE France / BFC Productions

(Source: HUFFPOST)


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