New edition of ‘The distinction’ Bourdieu

A little less than two months, while trying to acquire a copy of the book The distinction : criteria and social bases of taste Bourdieu1, could not get it by being exhausted in all the libraries where I searched. Then, because we were recommended to a particular course of Degree of Sociology at the UNED, I searched and collected from the Network various texts and other materials for those who have not had the opportunity to read it, we could get an idea of the text Bourdieu. I picked it up in the following entry: The distinction. Criteria and social bases of taste. Pierre Bourdieu. Recently, the Editorial Taurus has released a new edition of this book.


The distinction

Criteria and social bases of taste

Nueva edición de ‘La distinción’ de Bourdieu

Pierre Bourdieu

The social subjects were differentiated by the distinctions made —between tasty and tasteless, the beautiful and the ugly, the distinguished and the vulgar— in which it is expressed or betrays your position. The analysis of the relationships between the systems of enclasamiento (taste), and the conditions of existence (social class) leads to a social critique of the selective criterion, that is, inseparably, a description of the social classes and life styles.

Might begin the reading of this book by the final chapter, entitled “Elements for a critique of “vulgar” criticism of the pure”, which highlights the social categories of perception and appreciation that used by Kant in his analysis of the judgment of taste. But the gist of this already classic work of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu found in the research that, at the price of a big work of survey of empirical and theoretical critique, leads to a reformulation of all the traditional questions about the beauty, art, taste and culture.



  1. Bourdieu, P., & Ruiz de Elvira Hidalgo, M. (1998). The distinction : criteria and social bases of taste. Taurus Editions. [↩]

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