Observe the workplace

Observe the work, a work under the direction of Anne-Marie Arborio, Yves Cohen, Pierre Fournier, Nicolas Hatzfeld, Cédric Lomba and Séverin Muller (Discovery, al. “Research “, 2008)

To understand the nature of this collective work, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the subtitle, ” History, ethnography, combined approaches “. In fact, one can read the entire book in the following problem : how the history, the ethnography work-the sociological approach ? All contributions offer a positive light on the question of the complementarity of disciplines. The book is not a work of sociology’s classical work, as could think of the title, but offers a diving different in the work according to the experiences of each of its many contributors. It is made up of three parts, of which we will account for the choice, each time, of a particular item.

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