on The barricades. Origins and diffusion of a tactical insurgency

Aux barricades. Origines et diffusion d’une tactique insurrectionnelle

Conference Mark Traugott, the Thursday, February 17, 2011, from 18h to 20h at the ENS de Lyon (site Descartes), in room F 08

The barricade, as a “routine dispute” recognised, was born in France and remained an exclusively French during the first two hundred fifty years of its existence. Discover the origins of the barricade was a task more difficult than it seems, since there are several contradictory versions. Its adoption as a technique, which is being renewed in insurgencies French, one after the other, was well established in the middle of the seventeenth century, at the latest, with the second Day of the Barricades of 1648. It is only at the time of the French Revolution, the barricade has started to extend to other european countries, a process which was completed in 1848. The study of the barricade revolutionary allows us to understand how techniques of protest to take root and define the common patterns of protest in modern societies.

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