Paper on Methodology

And having, at the same time, made a presentation at the same congress, on Methodology (based but editing, the ideas expressed in the series on the rules of the sociological analysis), we will also do the same thing. That is, to publish it (link here)

And here is the summary:

The methodology in the social sciences often operate in a vacuum, separated from the rest of the discipline. This represents a problem for the development of the social sciences. The methodology should be based on the knowledge discipline: The forms that may be useful to investigate the social, depend on their characteristics.

In this paper we propose some rules for the sociological analysis. The first is that the actions of the actors have meaning for them (but this does not operate to the networks that actors construct). The second thing is that there are no actors and special, and their differences have to be explained. The third is that all actions have consequences. The fourth is that the relevant question is about the social life ,and not only on society’s influence.

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