Precarious, and Entrepreneurship in Own-Account Workers

Given that I went up in the section written by the paper presented at the Congress of the WINGS, will not be to make a post about it. The file in this link.

And we put it in the summary:

The own-account work has been analyzed from two looks contradictory: One who observes them as precarious workers required; and another that observes as the entrepreneurs choose. But they are insufficient, not only due to the segmentation internal to these workers, where in each segment, these visions may be more appropriate, but because it does not recognize what is negative and positive of these jobs from the perspective of the workers themselves. In the chilean case, we observe that they keep, with the emphasis different, a common discourse, in which the negative is uncertainty-which is not equivalent to precariousness – and the positive autonomy -that is not entrepreneurship. This has practical consequences for the analysis of these workers.

By the way, the thing has several failures, several of which were mentioned when we presented it and some other things that to me were more clear in reviewing other discussions in the Congress (i.and to emphasize more the heterogeneity, play more with the theme of the trappings of autonomy, review best the issue of control -the difference between boss and client for example). But well that’s about it, and the idea is that as well comes out best phd thesis.

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