Presentation of the book “The questions of God” by the sociologist Luis Martínez Andrade

Presentación del libro “Las dudas de Dios” del sociólogo Luis Martínez Andrade

The next 2 October at 19:30 h. in the Library Enclave of books (street Speakers, 16 – MADRID, Metro Tirso de Molina), with the participation of Juan José Tamayo, presents the book to The doubts of God by the sociologist Luis Martínez Andrade. Both will introduce us into this new book of Otramérica, which includes interviews with some of the thinkers most significant about the Theology of Liberation, social movements and the ecology.

The doubts of God contains a series of conversations with some of the social thinkers most significant of our time around the crisis and ways to make it front: Leonardo Boff, Enrique Dussel, Michael Löwy, Frei Betto, Gianni Vattimo, Ramon Grosfoguel, Boubacar Boris Diop, Antonio Carmona, Jung Mo Sung, among others. It is a great opportunity to “rethink what is the subject and how you can get organized”.

Luis Martinez Andrade is also the author of the book Religion without redemption, which was published a broad overview in Cisolog and in other Latin american journals.


Location of the event

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