PURPOSE social science Journal, No. 71

APOSTA Revista de ciencias sociales Nº 71

bet is a digital magazine of international social sciences, with interdisciplinary perspective on social sciences is published quarterly. Its main objective is to promote the debate and reflection on the critical issues of contemporary society through the publication of scientific articles of empirical and theoretical.

Recently has been released, the Number 71 (October, November and December 2016). Then we the summary:


  • The purpose of the revaluation of the pension Spanish, depending on the evolution of prices

    Mercedes Alda García, Isabel Marco Sanjuán
  • The equal marriage in Chile: incidence of political identification in the public opinion

    Alberto Carlos Farias Aguilera
  • Appropriation and cultural significance and artistic urban space: the case of the Chorro de Quevedo in Bogotá

    Esteban Acosta Saavedra, Nani Barrantes Sánchez, Wayra War Muriel, Daniela Maldonado Palacios, Jimena Silva Lurduy, Felipe Aliaga Sáez
  • Stereotypes and discrimination towards indigenous people maya: its expression in the narratives of young people from Mérida, Yucatán

    Rebelín Echeverria Echeverria
  • Of the easily cognitive in social networks. The priming full of conspiracies of the mexicans: #fueelEstado

    Luis Cesar Torres Nabel
  • Actresses of the silent film that did not exceed the barrier of sound

    Rosa María Ballesteros García
  • The use of theoretical concepts of Pierre Bourdieu in educational research in Mexico

    Armando Ulises Cerón Martínez
  • Policies, mediações and territories together: interpretação on or ‘urban-rural’ na Amazônia

    Sara Alonso, Edna Ramos de Castro
  • The catalonian public before and after the 27S

    Victor Omar Dabbagh Rollán

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October, November and December 2016


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