qualitative Surveys, quantitative surveys, a manual directed by Pierre Bréchon

Pierre Bréchon (ed), qualitative Surveys, quantitative surveys, PUG, 2011

Directed by Pierre Bréchon, the manual is as cryptic qualitative Surveys, quantitative surveys is a small concentrate of methods to drag-and confidently in the hands of students in the bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology and political science.

Six authors (Stéphanie Abrial, Jean-Paul Bozonnet, Pierre Bréchon, Frédéric Gonthier, Sévérine Louvel, Vincent Tournier) take turns to describe, explain and put within the reach of all of the survey methodology, whether qualitative or quantitative. Presented in two parts, the book analyzes, in turn, the methodology of the survey, qualitative, and quantitative.

The authors make the very best of the examples. In the text, sidebars allow you to focus on concepts. How to make a good survey ? That is to say, how to produce valid results scientifically ? Resolutely pragmatic, the book is written by teachers of the methods of social science at the IEP of Grenoble and is, therefore, based on the experience of teaching that have proven successful. The chapters all end with a concrete situation for the students : exercises proposed and corrected on the companion site of the book.

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