Reflections for a policy agenda: some suggestions

The need to plot a path that does not leave us in the gutter of the irreversible, has led us to prepare two numbers, under the heading of “Reflections for a political agenda:” to offer a different content. The previous one was more focused on a framework exploratory on the structure and the context, and this that the reader has in his hands offers policy proposals more concrete.

There are reasons for hope, to build a society that is build on other values or principles, with experiences that have already proven their viability, but in the field of policy proposals, requires a willingness to daring to take care of the specific commitment. It is an appropriate time to build a new proposal, to regain the lost confidence and bet for the person and recognition of their dignity. This is the spirit that encourages the contributions of this special issue of corporate Documentation dedicated to proposed concrete in social policy, because social policies are a reflection of the society, of its people-centred development, or his surrender to the economic.


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Presentation. Juan J. López Jiménez


  • 1. The utopia of a government of humanity.Daniel Innerarity
  • 2. Building an agenda in social policy. Fernando Fantova
  • 3. The justiciability of the rights económicosociales in Europe. Paula Garcia Pedraza
  • 4. Tell me what health you have, and I will tell you what society you want. Pedro Fuentes Rey
  • 5. The participation of the families in the school: an outstanding question. Jordi Garreta Bochaca
  • 6. Major urban areas: conflicts post-industrial and political challenges. Juan José Villalón Ogáyar

Open Platform

  • 1. Economic Crisis and poverty in the Canary islands. Vanessa del Pino González García, C. Delia Dávila Quintana and Santiago Rodríguez Feijoó
  • 2. The conceptual integration of human rights and development in the debate on universality-specificity of the rights. Ignacio Aymerich Ojea
  • 3. Human rights, human development and universal citizenship. Ethical references. Xabier Etxeberria


  • 1. Report on the impact of the financial and economic crisis on human rights.

Book reviews

  • 1. The struggle for justice. Selection of texts of Ignacio Ellacuría (1969-1989). Eduardo Ibáñez Ruiz del Portal
  • 2. The employment of vulnerable people: a social investment profitable. Impact evaluation of the operational programme plurirregional fight against discrimination. Rafael del Rio Sendino, Miguel Carballeda Piñeiro, Juan Manuel Suárez del Toro and Pedro Puente Fernández
  • 3. The state of food insecurity in the world 2013. The multiple dimensions of food security. United Nations organization for food and agriculture


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