Reflections for a political agenda: discussion of structural and social inequality

Reflexiones para una agenda política: debates estructurales y desigualdad social

The need to plot a path that does not leave us in the gutter of the irreversible, has led us to prepare two numbers, under the heading of “Reflections for a policy agenda”, presented different content.

The first of them, the reader now has in his hands (Discussion of structural and social inequality) is focused to a framework of exploratory on the structure and the context. The second is to policy proposals more concrete.

In this issue we treat the temporal context and spatial structural issues that should be seen with perspective, with the eye towards the past, observing the present and exploring the future. To analyse the situation in this way allows you to stand out, and we can gain a sense of objectivity and possibility of contrast –with other times and other places in the geographical space, in order to propose changes more fruitful that we will see light the next number.


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Presentation. Juan J. López Jiménez


  • 1.Approach to human rights and poverty from the capability approach. Javier Mary Iguíñiz Echeverria
  • 2.To put an end to the inequality: leveling down low and up high. Jordi Guiu Payà
  • 3.Political economy of austerity:an interpretation international. Miguel Ángel Malo
  • 4.Society and social policy in the context of neoliberal. A reading of the model and its crisis from the Social Barometer of Spain. Colectivo Ioé
  • 5.The pension system at the crossroads: reformulacion or discharge. Ignacio Zubiri
  • 6. Footprints, principles and proposals for the Public System of Social Services in a context of crisis. Maria Antònia Carbonero Gamundí and Fernanda Caro White
  • 7. Young people in the political agenda: a reading of intergenerational crisis. Rubén Lasheras and Begoña Pérez

Open Platform

  • 1.Changes in the relationship with the labour activity of the foreign population in times of crisis. A reading in terms of integration. Nerea Zugasti
  • 2.Transformations in the needs of the users of social services between 2005 and 2009. Sunday, Carbonero Muñoz
  • 3.Human right to water and sanitation: rights closely linked to the right to life. Elena de Luis Romero, Celia Fernández Aller, and Cristina Guzman Acha


  • 1.Two documents on the economic sustainability of public spending: taxation, finance and the underground economy

Book reviews

  • 1.Key to the integration of immigrants in Spain 2013. González, a Blasco, P., Gutiérrez Resa, A. and Mihaila Mihaila, I. L. Eloy Vírseda Sanz
  • 2.Unequal by Law. The public policy against gender equality. Pazos Morán, M. Virginia Career Garrosa
  • 3.Rethinking poverty. A radical turn in the struggle against global inequality. Banerjee, A. and Duflo, E. Luis Urena Garcia

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