Scheme chart of the various currents in Sociological Theory

Esquema gráfico de las diferentes corrientes en Teoría SociológicaI recently got an image that I found very useful to map the different sociological theories and thinkers in function of the influences of one group over the other. By what it looked like, it was an image with poor quality, scanned from a book. You could see as clareaba the text of the underside of the two pages that covers the graphic and the shade central plant producing the book open. Since that attempt to respect the rights of author and copyright, and in this case I don’t know who has them because I don’t know what book that has been extracted, in order not to fall into the bad practices of the simple ‘copy and paste’, that is to say, plagiarism, I decided to re-edit the image myself. However, if someone rings, I would appreciate you to tell me in what book it appears in this scheme that I have re-edited1. I would like to at least mention the illustrator, as it is a magnificent scheme, and very useful, especially for those who started to introduce us to the vast maelstrom of Sociological Theory.

To download the image with larger size, click HERE


  1. According to us reports the partner Leonel Farias in the comments of this post, below, the original schema whose illustration I have re-edited, belongs to the book: Pino Artacho, Juan. 1990. The teoría sociological. Editorial Tecnos. However, in the same entry of The Verstehen, Claudio Cirio informs us that the schema belongs to the book: Lafforgue, Martin-Sanyu. 2005. Sociologia de Saint Simon a Pierre Bourdieu for beginners / Sociology for Beginners. Was Rising (written by Martín Lafforgue and illustrated by Sanyu). It could be the case that the illustration appeared in both books, though, to see the illustrations of the cover of the latest, it seems that it is more likely that it belongs to this in case that he were only in one. [↩]

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