Sexualization early and pornography

Sexualization early and pornography, a book by Richard Poulin (The Dispute, Al ” The genus of the world “, 2009)

Sexualization in early-and pornography is a work that we can easily classify among the books involved, or even activists. The book built entirely on the accumulation and reporting of trends at work in the field of sexuality – hypersexualization of young girls, ” pédophilisation “, child pornography, multiplication and internationalisation agencies, of marriages and call girls, global explosion of the sex industries – operates a idea to force the examples to be extremely various : the pornography affects the culture in depth. However, the tone and the accumulation of ” evidence “, is hardly questionable, but highly heterogeneous and range often general, are struggling to convince the reader. One has the impression that the author is carried away by reading too all-encompassing of the facts, which dilutes the scope of the thesis he wants to show.

The dynamics of a pornographic current plays both on the infantilization of women and the sexualization of children. Double through. Today the industry of pornography capitalizes on the fantasy of the lolita. More and more girls ages 8 to 13 years of age are the target markets of fashion, music, magazines and the cinema. A consequence of this evolution, the sexualization undue girls who identify with their idols and imitate attitudes and behaviors of “sexy women” so that they do not yet have any attributes. Eight, nine, or twelve years, a number of girls are already wearing mini-tank tops and g-strings, clothing brands are performing the accomplices of this erotic (Jennifer, Tammy by Etam, NoBoys, Lulu Castagnette or Miss LM). If the virtual market of marriage and the dating is based on the inequality of power between men and women, recruiting women from regions where the level of poverty and unemployment is high, it is even more obvious when he starts minor.

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